Welcome to our DIY Saltwater Pool Resources

Posted by Backyard Salt Pool on 1/7/2011
Welcome to the start of our online do-it-yourself saltwater pool resources! Our team is proud to announce that we'll be providing lots of really useful and helpful information about saltwater pools and chlorine generators based on our long years of experiences with them and real life customer feedback. We look forward to serving you all in the future with the best in-depth product reviews, tips and tricks, FAQ's, how-to's (like how to convert your pool to salt, how to install your system, etc...), product comparisons, salt pool water chemistry help, long-term product updates, and more. If you have any questions about salt pools or salt chlorinators, or want to share your experiences don't hesitate to comment, request articles, or contact us any time. Our team is always ready and willing to assist so you have the best salt pool experience possible.

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