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Pros & Cons? The Benefits of Having a Salt Pool

There's a reason why almost 70% of new pools in the US are saltwater pools - and if you don't already have one, you can pretty easily add a salt system to your own backyard pool. Saltwater pools are a proven way to have a safe, effective, and convenient alternative to conventional chlorine pools, meaning: no more buying chlorine, shock, or algaecide; no more harsh chemical effects; and no more time lost on excessive pool maintenance. What a lot of people don't realize is that most people can convert their pool in under an hour. Here are the facts about having a salt pool:
Salt pool systems reduce maintenance and let you relax

Free yourself from Excessive Pool Maintenance

A Salt Pool System works with your existing equipment & automatically activates with your pump every day to keep the water looking beautiful.
Make sure your pool is as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible

Create a More Healthy Swimming Environment

A Salt System eliminates caustic chloramines from the pool and prevents red eyes, itchy skin, bleached swimsuits, and that harsh chlorine smell.
Save money and stop buy as much chemicals for your swimming pool

Save Tons of Money on Chemical Costs

Just one Salt System cell can provide you with hundreds and hundreds of pounds of pure chlorine over the years of its lifespan. Just do the math...
Your pool won't be salty like the ocean!

Saltwater Pool ≠ Salty Pool Water

For most pool owners, the salt is really the least noticeable thing about the pool! In fact, the level of salt in the water is so low that you shouldn't taste it.
Salt pools are the norm! Saltwater pools are proven safe and don't cause corrosion or damage

Decades of Proven Safety and Reliability

Salt pool systems have been around since the late 1970's, and have proven themselves over time to be the preferred choice for pool sanitization.
Why use a pool service? You can convert your pool to saltwater yourself

DIY Friendly + Excellent Customer Support

We have a passion for Do-It-Yourself-ers, and want to make it as easy as possible for people to enjoy the benefits of Salt Water Pools!
▼ How Saltwater Pool Systems Work

How a Salt Pool (Chlorine Generator) Works

What is a saltwater pool and how does it work, you ask? You have a salt pool when you take a swimming pool (probably like yours) and install a saltwater chlroine generator on it. You might also hear it called having a salt pool system or an electronic chlorine generator. Its easy to do (a large number of people do it themself), and things are even easier once you have one!

How it Works (the practical side):


Once your salt pool system is installed, continue to test the water like normal and keep an eye on your chlorine level. You'll notice that your pool stays clean and clear even though you're not dumping in any more chlorine or shock!


As conditions change (the summer heats up, the kids go back to school, etc...), you may need more or less sanitization. If the free chlorine levels you test for are getting too high or too low, adjust your chlorine generator to match.


Most people find that such adjustments are needed infrequently. So instead of spending all of your time and money maintaining your pool's chlorine level, your salt pool system takes care of things for you. Instead of tearing your hair out after every chemistry test, you'll find yourself nodding your head in satisfaction and getting back to the important stuff.

How it Works (the science side):

Salt (Sodium Chloride, NaCl)

Your pool will have a very low level of salt in the water, around 3000 parts per million (ppm). In comparison, the ocean is at least 35000 ppm. Most people can't tast salt under 4500 ppm.

Chlorine Generation (Electrolysis)

As the pump moves the water (H20) and salt (NaCl) molecules through the plumbing and the Salt System's Cell (its plumbing component), the Cell uses a weak electrical charge to split apart the molecules. This creates a strong, safe sanitizer (Hypochlorous Acid, HOCl) which is a pure and effective form of pool purification.

Clean Pool Water (Disinfection)

The pure sanitizer (HOCl) returns to the swimming pool through the circulation system's plumbing and return jets. The sanitizer destorys germs and algae and leaves a mild sanitizer residual to ensure pool water that is consistently sparkling-clean.

Salt Regenerartion (Rinse & Repeat)

Best of all, the salt doesn't get used up. The original salt molecules reform and are recycled to start the process over again.
▼ How To Convert Your Pool

How to Convert Your Pool
(and Reconsider Your Pool Service)

Unfortunately, its just a little too common for people hear from their pool guy or pool store that it might cost thousands for the equipment to convert the pool to saltwater, plus a few hundred more for installation. Don't believe it for a second! We love that moment when you learn how quickly and cheaply you can convert your pool on your own. Our mission is to help you enjoy your pool for once, and save some big bucks at the same time! If you (or a friend) have some basic tools and knowledge, then you can change your backyard life in about an hour! Use our expert knowledge and DIY resources to make it even easier!

"It took me 45 minutes to get things up and running... and another 15 minutes to wonder why I ever paid so much a month for my pool guy and all that chlorine."

Dave S., Gainesville, FL

18k gallon Pebble Tec © pool, Hayward Superpump, Star-Clear Cartridge Filter, Polaris Vac-Sweep


Picking the right size saltwater chlorine generator will ensure years of satisfaction. If you're not sure, we'll help! Its easy, we can make sure you get the best salt system to meet your pool's unique needs.


For most people, installation takes about an hour. What's involved: 1) cut & glue a short section of plastic pvc pipe, 2) connect a set of wires, and 3) dump some bags of salt into your pool, That's why the majority of people now just do it themselves (and maybe with a helpful friend, for fun). If you do have an issue, we're always here for support!


Turn the system on and let it get to work! The salt system will work automatically with the pump, keeping the pool clean and clear without all the headaches!
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